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  • How much will my bouquet cost?
    Estimating any costs for your wedding will be difficult without a face-to-face consulation. Price depends completely on the content. The number of stems to make the desired size of the bouquet and the types of flowers that are used are what determines the price. Don't worry, we can fit any budget!
  • Do I have to pick up my order or can it be delivered?
    We deliver to all of Davis and Weber counties as well as to the Morgan Valley and the Ogden Valley. Standard delivery charges apply. If your event is beyond our standard delivery area, please let us know and we will be happy to make arrangements! For temples marriages, we recommend sending someone to pick up your bouquet that morning because our delivery drivers will not be able to wait outside the temple for the family.
  • What if my event requires set up time?
    Some events will require our staff to be on site to set up the floral pieces. In your consultation meeting with one of our designers, we will be able to estimate how long the set up will take and the associated labor charge.
  • Do I call the Layton or Ogden store for my consultation?
    Whichever you prefer! We are fortunate to have experienced wedding and event designers at both of our store locations who are all eager to help you. Our only recommendation would be to either choose the location that is closest to you or to the location of your event. Our Layton store delivers to all of Davis County as well as the Morgan area. The Ogden store delivers to all of Weber County and the Ogden Valley. But, if you already have a designer in mind, we can make whatever arrangements are necessary to accomodate your needs.
  • How soon should I set up my consultation?
    As soon as possible! With many weddings going on a various times of the year, we only have the man power to design so many weddings on a day or weekend. When you order your flowers from us, you are also reserving that day. *Keep in mind that we are unable to do your wedding flowers the two weeks leading up until Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. There are a few reasons for this: With flower demands being so high across the world during these weeks, it can be difficult - and sometimes impossible - to find the right flowers in the right colors for your wedding. Also, we are "all hands on deck" in our own preparations for those holidays with the thousands of orders we receive.
  • What should I bring to the consultation?
    Having in mind a color palette in among the most important decisions to be made prior to the consultation. If you just can't decide, that's ok! Our designers will show you current trends and show you color combinations and flower combinations to help you decide your perfect colors. Keep in mind that our designers will offer suggestions based on flower availability, venue, and budget. Pictures are very helpful to help the designer understand the style and/or colors that you want. If you have your venue reserved and your cake ordered, please bring with you the person we may need to contact along with their phone number. This way we can coordinate set up times for your event.
  • When do I need to pay for my flowers?
    In order for us to order your flowers, your order must be paid IN FULL no later than two weeks prior to your event. We are happy to take smaller payments leading up to that date, but the total must be paid in full at two weeks prior to your event.
  • What if I change the date or cancel my wedding?
    If you make any changes to the date of your event prior to two weeks before the original date there is no problem at all! When you order your flowers with us, your designer will go over a very simple contract that clearly states what refund is available within two weeks of the original date when changes need to be made. Keep in mind that flowers are obviously parishable and your flowers are ordered specifically for your event.
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